War Trauma Programme

Week #1 Instructions

Step 1


Gently resolve underlying issues and find joy in being who you are.

Step 2


Allow your natural self-healing to flourish and come to know yourself more fully.

Step 3


Listen to your personalised audio resonances each day and welcome in their transformative quality.

What People Say

“I have noticed a big difference these last two weeks and I’m feeling like I am truly being self accepting. When a judgement comes along in my head, I find that I am not always reacting in castigating ways like I used to do.”

“I feel I am really breaking some long held beliefs, allowing me to feel hopeful about life.  This is very liberating for me and I couldn’t be more grateful.” 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Jayne P, UK

“I’m feeling like I am truly being self accepting.”

“I feel the resonance has brought me to a place where I can get more perspective on the chronic patterns in my life.”

Discover Greater Peace & Self Acceptance

How we feel about ourselves can impact on every area of our lives – relationships, family, work, finance, health, fitness, social activities. And when we don’t feel great about who we are, life can seem grey. Or we may compensate by trying to fill the void with belongings, wealth, status – worldly “success” – and then feel surprised when the emptiness persists within us.

“Using Source Resonances can support us in our journeys to a deeper knowing, acceptance and love for ourselves – and, through this, for others.”

For some of us, the roots of lack of self acceptance can be in our personal or family history. Using the audio resonance SR Enhancing Self Acceptance can gently resolve these underlying issues, allowing us to come to a place of peace where we acknowledge our innate value and find joy in being who we are.

Subtle energy audio resonances

Our remarkable sea wave sounds carry a resonance energy field to support wellbeing, personal growth and inner awakening. This approach was discovered by Peter Chappell, a homeopath who was working in Africa at the time. The audio resonances are formed through a process of creating a specific energy field and then embedding this in the digital “carrier medium” – an audio file of sea waves.

Through listening to this sound, we are linked in with the resonance field – a bit like connecting with someone through a phone. As practitioner Kathi Springman describes it:

“By listening to resonances, we are asking the body to receive a potentiality for a new way of being.”

This process of realignment allows our natural self-healing capacity to flourish and our innate movement towards inner awakening to thrive.

Transformative Technology to Awaken Self-healing

Six Week Self Acceptance Programme

Daily personalised audio resonances

Weekly exercises and reflection questions

Private Facebook group to share experiences


We deliver affordable and accessible technology, worldwide, to support wellbeing, personal growth and inner awakening.

SourceSound programmes are developed and supplied by Source Medicine, a UK-based not-for-profit organization.

Dr. Leilani Ashmole van Koten, MB ChB
Source Medicine Co-founder
Executive Director & Source Work Holder

Linda Bark, PhD, RN, MCC, NC-BC, NBC-HWC
Source Medicine Training Advisor
CEO Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy

Oonagh Taeger, DHom (UK), PCH
Source Medicine Clinical Lead
Homeopath & Source Resonance Practitioner

Peter Chappell
Hon Fellow of Society of Homeopaths
Originator of Source Resonances
Co-founder & Retired Director of Source Medicine

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